Happy Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday is a special day no matter who you are!  For lots of us it means family and friend gatherings.  Beautiful out fits for the little ones, at least till they go running and screaming by you in the search for colored eggs, most likely filled with candy.  For me the hard work is before the event so I can enjoy this and Mothers Day with family and friends.  This is my time to kick back and renew my peace of mind, spirituality, and general optimism before the schedules go crazy and its too hot in Florida to move.   I spend time selling off things we no longer have a use for, storm preparations for hurricanes, and taking lessons in beating summer heat from my cat.  My older siblings will be celebrating birthdays soon. If we receive company from north of us they always want to enjoy our beaches.  I’ll spend the rest of spring and summer in physical therapy, and weight loss.  I really want to get back to pre-hospital weight.  In a couple months I’ll make decisions on Birthday and holiday gifting to come.  It seems early to me as well but,  Wish.com has saved me bundles for popular fashion, handbags and tech.  The down side to them is 4 – 6 week delivery from China.  That and home improvements should keep me crazy busy.  So for now my morning and evening meditations are longer. 

          Spring is the time to renew and this year I can honestly say i’m doing so in every part of my life. The husband is the only thing non-negotiable….lol.  How are you planning to spend your time?  Home, family, job, faith, all require my energies to make changes, try new ideas, or shower them with love and safety, stay tuned.  Hear about home projects that don’t require a contractor.  Home made solar panels with soda cans, how did our garden fair?  How many should you prepare for if strong hurricanes come, does your family have a plan.  Can I enclose the front porch? This is going to be fun! (How do blogs generate income?)  Can I do it too?

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